What We Do

We design and manufacture bespoke environmental cleaning solutions in partnership with our clients. These are usually industry specific and to meet particular standards such as in selection of raw materials, performance characteristics, method of application.

We manufacture and distribute our own ranges of biological and chemical products. Our marine ranges comprise dilutable concentrates to fully formulated, ready-to-use products. Our clients cover all industry sectors from distributors, trading, procurement and facilities management companies, chandlers and both large and small shipping companies.

Our Team has wealth of experience in real world marine applications and we understand the cleaning, maintenance and biosecurity challenges the industry faces and design our solutions accordingly.

How We Do It

Expertise and knowhow
Expertise and knowledge capital together with strategic partnerships are key to our business. We have in-house expertise in the industry, supported by an extensive network of partners and associates allowing us to have a global reach.

Strategic Partnerships
We access a broad range of resources and expertise in specialized areas that enables us to exploit new developments in whole cell bioscience and modern chemistry. We also outsource many key functions such as R&D, raw materials sourcing, manufacturing and distribution. This reduces costs, reducing development lead times, reduces product delivery time and ultimately offers a competitive advantage to our clients.

Our accumulated knowledge and years of practical experience of industrial microbiology and the microbial products market enables us to recognise that despite the fact that these products have played a role in the marine industry for many years, very little change or implementation of the latest developments has taken place. Not all the microorganisms used in marine bio-products are the same, nor do what they were proven to do in a laboratory, and in many cases do nothing at all. We know how to source the best available strains that are suited to the application and deliver a solution or product to make them work.

We source our micro-organisms only from the best industrial fermentation companies. New fermentation and preservation techniques are being developed to enable alternative high performance bacteria to be incorporated into the next generation of microbial products. GNC Marine Ltd, through our sister company Rumexo Ltd, is at the forefront of these developments, working closely with our SSF-based fermentation partner.

Not all environmental clean-up applications require inclusion of micro-organisms. Smart, modern chemistry based on the latest developments in raw materials are reaching the market that with careful formulation and combined with the correct application equipment are all that is required to achieve satisfactory low cost results. Many emerging raw materials are ‘bio-based’ giving excellent functional performance with equally excellent environmental and health and safety characteristics. We use bio-based as well as the best conventional chemistries to formulate our chemical product ranges.

When designing our microbial products, we test compatibility of new raw materials with our bacteria to ensure they are not negatively impacted by the formulation.

We source a range of speciality antimicrobial products for use in cabin and accommodation cleaning. To complement these biosecurity products, our strategic partner for personal and professional antimicrobial products offers some unique BPR approved biocide solutions effective against bacteria and viruses such as E.coli and Norovirus that are the most common cause of gastric illness on ships.

A detailed understanding of both microbial physiology and biochemistry coupled to complimentary modern chemistry is required to get the best ship-board performance from a cleaning and maintenance product. GNC Marine can apply its knowledge of liquid, powder, solids product formulation to manufacture a broad range of high performance products in stable form for worldwide distribution and to meet appropriate regulatory requirements.

Conventional packaging offers the most cost effective and robust means for us to distribute our products globally. Wherever possible we re-furbish and re-use large pack containers. We use only recyclable plastics and card, and compostable packaging films. We do not use any packaging materials that a vessel or waste handler does not already handle.

Manufacturing and Distribution
All of our blending partners are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Our packaging partner is GMP certified. We manufacture at four locations in the UK as well as in Poland and Canada. Our products are stocked by our global trading partner.