Black & Grey Water

  • STP Solupak
    (A highly active natural microbial additive for start-up, maintenance and toxic shock in biological sewage treatment plants and marine sanitation devices.)
  • Ensures the system operates at peak efficiency with high BOD reduction, short hydraulic retention times and low residual sludge. It will also improve operations and reduce odours on vessels operating sewage holding tanks.

    STP Solupak is an all-in-one solution for ensuring peak operating performance of biological sewage treatment system. It can be used to improve sludge settlement, build flocs and stabilize activated sludge. It can be used to overcome high organic loading, and to help re-establish a healthy bacterial population after washout or toxic shock. Unlike all other products of the same type STP Solupak is composed of 100% active material. This comprises a special blend of microbial cultures selected to significantly increase the biodegradation of typical sewage wastes including faeces, paper, detergents, fats, oils and grease, and a wide variety of other organic materials.

    STP Solupak also contains a balanced macronutrient package (C:N at ratio of 20:1) to ensure rapid growth and maintenance of activity during start up or periods of low flow (starvation of the biomass). Micronutrients such as trace metals are delivered via a slow release seaweed extract.

    STP Solupak is suitable for use in all Type ll and Type lll MSD’s .

  • STP Nutrient Pak
    (A highly active and balanced macro and micronutrient package supplemented with minerals and trace elements intended to stimulate microbial activity and biomass formation in marine sanitation devices at start-up, during periods of starvation and after toxic shock.)
  • STP Nutrient Pak is an all-in-one, highly concentrated blend of natural sugars, polymers, proteins and all the trace elements required to stimulate and support the growth of heterotrophic microbial populations essential for efficient operation of sewage treatment plants including Marine Sanitation Devices.

    All biological treatment systems contain a very complex microflora that has adapted to completely degrade sewage and other wastes found in black water. Efficient operation requires formation a stable biomass and ideally a consistent and continuous input of nutrients, and removal of wastes.

    STP Nutrient Pak is manufactured entirely from food grade materials, is rapidly and completely cold water soluble producing a 100% BOD solution. The product includes a high concentration of dextrose sugars that are immediately available and metabolised by all the main waste degrading bacteria found in sewage treatment systems. Additional sugar polymers are also included to induce the growing or rejuvenated bacteria to produce more extracellular enzymes required for the breakdown of larger substrate molecules such as fats and cellulose (toilet tissue). These sugars and sugar polymers are correctly balanced with essential amino acids and peptides to give a C:N ration of 20:1, the ideal balance for microbial growth.

  • ARC 360
    (alternative to all organic acids use for descaling surfaces)
  • An advanced acid replacement formulation for manual and cleaning in place (CIP) descaling operations of a variety of on-board process equipment which become scaled during use, such as vacuum toilet pipework, plate heat exchangers, evaporators, coolers and fresh water generators.

    A further advantage of ARC 360 is that it contains a powerful degreasing capability within the formulation and can therefore operate in the presence of oil and grease contamination, when other products require a separate degreasing step before descaling can begin. With all descalers the pH rises as the alkaline scale is dissolved and the descaling efficiency reduces at the same time. The descaling solution can be optimised by adding further ARC 360 product as the alkalinity rises.

  • GT 20
    (Microbial treatment of FOG - Fat's, Oils and Grease.)
    Ideal for auto feeding into waste-pipes and scuppers where there is a build-up of FOG's and also body/soap fats. Helps to keep waste pipes in free flowing when used as part of a regular maintenance programme.
  • GT Bioblock
    (Microbial treatment of FOG - Fat's, Oils and Grease.)
    Is a solid product intended for slow release of emulsifiers, bacteria to degrade the FOG, and odour counteractants resulting in a continuous, low maintenance treatment. The blocks are proven to completely dissolve in 4-6 weeks to fit with common service or inspection cycles.
  • GW 20
    (Microbial treatment to improve operational efficiency of the grey water system.)
    An advanced liquid treatment to control the build-up of floating and settled solids in grey water storage tanks and pipework. This in turn controls malodour and septicity and reduces the frequency of pump outs.
    The easy-to-use liquid formulation contains a blend of bacteria selected for their ability to degrade a wide range of organic materials found in grey water. These include fats, oil, greases, protein and starch, soap (and other detergents) and cellulose from toilet paper that arise from all normal galley and accommodation use.
  • RBC-Bioremediation Pillows Oils & Hydrocarbons
    (Collect oils and hydrocarbons from interceptor and bilge systems)
    Designed to be used in single or multi-stage oil interceptors and bilge tanks in marine and inland waterways ships and boats. Floating oils and fuels oils are naturally attracted to the absorbant polymer present in the pillows fibres. Microorganisms encapsulated in an inner pouch are activated in the presence of oils and water and certain micronutrients. These microorganisms are then capable of degrading a range of oils (linear alkyl chains and polyaromatic fractions), heavy and light fuels, diesel range organics, and BTEX compounds. Additionally, a very broad range of non-oily, organic materials are also degraded, giving an overall reduction in BOD and TOC.