Deck & Engine

  • Micro Clean Plus
    (Spray on and wipe off hard surface oil removing product)
  • An advanced, highly water dilutable product for use in cleaning and degreasing a variety of non-porous surfaces found in ships and off-shore structures. Ideal for use in engine rooms and ancillary equipment rooms, as a machine parts and filter cleaner, deck cleaner.

    MicroClean Plus is a micro-emulsion formulation and combines bio-based surfactants with naturally occurring plant extracts. The result is a highly water dilutable cleaner that includes the benefits both of excellent detergency and the pseudo-solvent action. The formulation is readily biodegradable and with an excellent environmental profile. It is also non-corrosive to skin and does not require assignment of a UN number. The formulation also includes ingredients that actively reduce redisposition of oils. The micro-emulsion is effective immediately upon application. When highly diluted (in bilge or in waste water) or after prolonged holding, the emulsion breaks and the oils split out cleanly without leaving an emulsion interface. Ideal single degreaser for engine rooms, filter disc and elements (manual or soak/sonicating bath), separators, car decks, general deck cleaning, fuel oil heater cleaning.

    engine room engine room engine room

    engine room engine room

    The above show the before & after results of MicroClean Plus on a few of the many surfaces and applications that this unique new technology will clean.

    MicroClean Plus does not contain nor interfere with micro-organisms in the bilge and stored water tanks. Bacteria are known to breakdown oils in the oily water interface and produce organic acids that act as substrate for anaerobic bacteria that in turn cause corrosion and malodour.

  • ARC 360
    (alternative to all organic acids used for descaling surfaces)
  • An advanced acid replacement formulation for manual and cleaning in place (CIP) descaling operations of a variety of on-board process equipment which become scaled during use, such as vacuum toilet pipework, plate heat exchangers, boilers, evaporators, coolers and fresh water generators.

    ARC 360 also powerful degreasing capability within the formulation and can therefore operate in the presence of oil and grease contamination, when other products require a separate degreasing step before descaling can begin. With all descalers the pH rises as the alkaline scale is dissolved and the descaling efficiency reduces at the same time. The descaling solution can be optimised by adding further ARC 360 product as the alkalinity rises. ARC 360 also contains a corrosion inhibitor.

  • SSC (Safety Solvent Cleaner)
    ( a highly effective cleaner and degreaser designed for use with all electrical components and electronic equipment.)
  • Highly refined solvent cleaner for cleaning and degreasing of electrical components and electronic equipment.
    Formulated using the highest refined blend of aliphatic hydrocarbons this product is an ideal and safer replacement for traditional solvent cleaners such as aromatic and trichloromethane-based degreasers where rapid drying is not critical. Suitable for all electrical components and electronic equipment. Ideal for precision cleaning operations including PBC’s and motor windings and intricate electronic circuitry.

  • Oil Off
    ( combines non-petroleum and bio-based surfactants with oily hydrocarbon degrading bacteria.)
  • An advanced, highly water dilutable biological product for use in cleaning and degreasing a variety of porous surfaces such as concrete, brick and asphalt found in loading areas, hard standing, ballast, docks and quays and platforms. Also very effective for wash-down of hard surfaces such as sealed concrete floors and decking as well as machinery. The inclusion of bacteria selected for their ability to biodegrade oily hydrocarbons combined with a ‘quick split’ surfactant package makes this product an effective bioremediation tool.

  • HC Bio Pillows
    ( are designed to be used in bilge tanks in marine and inland waterways ships and boats.)
  • Floating oils and fuels oils are naturally attracted to the absorbant polymer present in the pillow fibres. These fibres are specially treated to give oleophilic (oil attracting) properties with hydrophobic (water repellent) filament yarn. The choice of fibre and the construction has been optimised to give an exceptionally high void volume of 92% for maximum absorption. Stitch bonding provides high tensile strength, dimensional stability and prevents breakdown when fully loaded with oil.
    Absorbant pillow containing oleophilic binders for removal of oil from bilge tanks, oil, separator and interceptors. Once bound the oily hydrocarbons are degraded by specially selected bacteria present within the product