Why us?

Over 25 years experience
GNC Marine have over 25 years experience with marine cleaning and maintenance.

Over 25 years experience

GNC Marine have over 25 years experience with marine cleaning and maintenance.

Latest tecnology

We can always guarantee the latest technology within scientific research and biochemical science.

Performance through innovation

At GNC Marine you can find marine cleaning and maintenance products.

Performance Through Innovation

About GNC Marine

GNC Marine aims and are commitment to providing the marine and offshore industries with high-performance, sustainable cleaning and maintenance solutions.
Established in 2016 in Derby, UK, we’ve built a reputation for excellence based on innovative product formulation and a deep understanding of industry challenges.

As of 2024, GNC Marine has adopted a global operational structure. GNC Marine Global, based in Denmark, handles all client support, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers worldwide. Production and REACH compliance remain in the UK, alongside company ownership, guaranteeing the quality and expertise you’ve come to expect from GNC Marine.

We are committed to sustainable solutions that don’t compromise on performance. Our team formulates our own cleaning and maintenance products, and collaborates with leading scientific partners. This collaborative approach allows us to integrate the latest advancements in bioscience and chemistry, ensuring our products effectively address the evolving cleaning and waste treatment needs of the marine industry. Our staff and partners boast over 25 years of experience in the chemical, biological, and cleaning equipment sectors. We have a proven track record of successful collaboration with key technology providers, distributors, and OEMs within the industry. This extensive network allows us to deliver our products to all major international ports, ensuring you have the solutions you need,exactly when you need them.


With a commitment to sustainability, cutting-edge science, and a global support network, GNC Marine offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to bring exceptional value to our customers. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve optimal performance across your marine operations

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    Priceless Experience

    Our staff and partners each have more than 25yrs experience in either chemical, biological, biocidal products, cleaning equipment, service provision and global logistics.

    Custom Packages

    We design, manufacture and supply specialized cleaning, maintenance and biosecurity products with proven performance to the marine and offshore industries.


    We have a history of working in partnership with the industry’s key technology providers, distributors and OEM’s. We can deliver products to you in all the key international ports

    What We Do

    We manufacture and distribute our own ranges of biological and chemical products. Our marine ranges comprise dilutable concentrates to fully formulated, ready-to-use products.

    Our clients cover all industry sectors from distributors, trading, procurement and facilities management companies, chandlers and both large and small shipping companies, including Offshore based customers.

    Our Team has wealth of experience in real world marine applications, and we understand the cleaning and maintenance challenges the industry faces and design our solutions accordingly. We are aim to bring added value to our customers, and we are well-known within Black water and Grey water treatment

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