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Degreaser with descaling effect


ARC850 is a fully formulated dilutable concentrate containing citric acid and sodium citrate. This product also contains an EcoCert authorized low foaming detergent package. Product can cover a wide range of cleaning applications as it contains a powerful degreaser combined with the descaling effects.

It’s free of bleach, ammonia, phosphate and suitable for safely cleaning a variety of shipboard and offshore equipment. The non-abrasive formulation contains alternatives to traditional mineral so is less aggressive to metal surfaces and finishes.

This product is ultimately biodegradable and not classified as harmful to the marine environment.

GNC Marine supplies ARC850 in 4x5L, 20L, 200L or IBC packaging

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    The Ultimate Citric Acid Descaler for Ships' Vacuum Pipe Systems

    ARC850 is a powerful and eco-friendly solution to maintain the efficiency of your ship's vacuum pipe systems. The citric acid-based descaler designed to handle tough scaling and fouling challenges.
    Reduce your clogged pipes and reduced maintenance routine.

    ARC850 harnesses the natural power of citric acid, derived from citrus fruits, to effectively dissolve scale, rust, and mineral deposits that accumulate in vacuum pipe systems over time.
    This innovative formula ensures optimal cleaning without resorting to harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.

    ARC850 has a highly effective performance with its unique formulation is specifically designed to break down stubborn scale and fouling, restoring your vacuum pipe systems to their peak performance.
    With ARC850, you can experience improved flow rates, reduced pressure losses, and enhanced overall efficiency.
    Unlike traditional descaling products that may contain harmful chemicals, ARC850 is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. This means you can maintain your ship's systems without worrying about negative impacts on marine ecosystems.
    ARC850 has versatile application and is suitable for various types of vacuum pipe systems commonly found on ships. Whether it's in passenger vessels, cargo ships, or offshore platforms, ARC850 is adaptable to diverse marine environments.
    Using ARC850 is a breeze. Simply follow the recommended instructions for dilution and application, and let the powerful citric acid formula do the work. ARC850's user-friendly approach ensures that your crew can efficiently carry out descaling tasks with minimal hassle.

    How Does ARC850 Work?

    ARC850’s advanced citric acid-based formula works in eliminating scale and fouling from vacuum pipe systems.
    Here’s a sneak peek into its process.

    Safe and Controlled Dissolving

    When ARC850 is introduced into the vacuum pipe system, its citric acid content gets to work by dissolving the accumulated scale and mineral deposits. This process occurs gradually and in a controlled manner, ensuring thorough cleaning without causing damage.

    Enhanced Flow and Efficiency

    As the product breaks down the scale, rust, and deposits, the vacuum pipe system experiences improved flow rates and reduced pressure losses. This leads to optimal system performance, increased energy efficiency, and a smoother operation overall.

    Eco-Conscious Cleaning

    ARC850’s citric acid formula is not only effective but also safe for marine life and the environment. It eliminates the need for harsh chemicals that can harm ecosystems, making it a responsible choice for ship maintenance.

    How to Use ARC850

    Using the product to descale your ship’s vacuum pipe systems is straightforward.


    Follow the recommended dilution ratio provided on the product label. Diluting ARC850 ensures that the citric acid solution is at the optimal strength for effective descaling.


    Introduce the diluted ARC850 solution into the vacuum pipe system. Allow the solution to circulate through the system, ensuring that it reaches all affected areas.

    Contact Time

    The citric acid formula requires some time to dissolve the scale and fouling. Allow the product to work its magic for the recommended contact time.


    After the contact time, thoroughly rinse the vacuum pipe system to remove the dissolved deposits and any remaining solution.

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