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LA 20

Unique biological toilet cleaner

LA 20

LA 20 is a unique biological toilet cleaner for cleaning and maintaining toilet and black water systems on ships and off-shore installations. The product combines an excellent moderately acidic, bio-based cleaning chemistry with scale
prevention and scale removal technology.

LA 20 is suitable for cleaning and sanitising en-suites, toilets, sinks, tiles etc. Reduces build-up of both inorganic and organic scale in the waste water systems and helps control malodour.

The active ingredient has a dual-action antibacterial mechanism and passes EN1276. It is also active against many common viruses and passes EN14476 at the in use concentrations.

The biological toilet cleaner LA 20 will clean and sanitize in one, while reducing scale prevention and inorganic scale build-up. With LA 20 you have a safe and effective toiletcleaner which does not harm the environment or bacterias in the sewage treatment system.

LA 20 is suitable for both vacuum and gravity fed toilet systems and urinals – just squeeze a small amount of the biological toilet cleaner around the toilet bowl og urinal surface, Allow a short contact time then clean with water.

Packing and Product number

GNC Marine supplies LA 20 in package of 15 x 750ml bottles.

15 x 750ml: 80003-15

IMPA Code: 550310

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    Enhances Eco-Friendliness

    Biological toilet cleaners are formulated using Lactic Acid that break down organic waste and eliminate odors. Unlike traditional chemical-based cleaners, they do not harm marine ecosystems when flushed into the sea. This eco-friendly characteristic aligns well with the maritime industry’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

    Effective Odor Elimination

    One of the most common issues on vessels is the persistent odor in toilets. Biological toilet cleaners excel in eliminating these odors at their source. The active enzymes target the organic matter causing the smell, breaking it down and leaving behind a fresh and odor-free environment. This ensures a more pleasant experience for everyone onboard.

    Prevents Pipe Blockages

    Accumulation of waste in pipes can lead to blockages, resulting in operational disruptions and costly repairs. Biological toilet cleaners aid in preventing these blockages by breaking down waste particles, preventing the buildup that could otherwise impede the flow. This proactive approach to maintenance saves both time and money.

    Biodegradable Formulation

    The ingredients used in biological toilet cleaners are biodegradable, meaning they naturally break down over time without leaving harmful residues. This aligns with international maritime regulations and supports the industry’s commitment to responsible waste management. The use of such cleaners not only benefits vessel maintenance but also upholds environmental stewardship.

    Compatibility with Onboard Systems

    Modern vessels often have advanced wastewater treatment systems in place. Biological toilet cleaners are compatible with these systems, as they do not disrupt the biological processes involved. This ensures that the use of such cleaners does not interfere with the vessel’s wastewater treatment efficiency, maintaining optimal system performance.
    The importance of biological toilet cleaners in vessel maintenance cannot be underestimated. From promoting eco-friendliness and preventing odors to ensuring smooth operations and adhering to environmental regulations, these cleaners offer a holistic solution to the challenges faced by the maritime industry. By incorporating biological toilet cleaners into regular maintenance routines, vessel owners and operators can create a cleaner, more sustainable, and efficient onboard environment for all.


    By understanding the significance of biological toilet cleaners at vessels, vessel owners and operators can make informed choices that benefit both their operations and the environment.
    Yes, biological toilet cleaners are safe for marine life. They are formulated using Lactic Acid that are non-toxic and do not harm marine ecosystems.
    Yes, biological toilet cleaners are versatile and can be used in all types of toilets, including those onboard vessels. Their enzymatic action is effective in breaking down waste regardless of the toilet design.
    No, while biological toilet cleaners offer proactive waste breakdown and odor elimination, regular maintenance practices remain essential. Incorporating these cleaners into a maintenance routine enhances their effectiveness and contributes to overall cleanliness.

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