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Microclean Plus

Ideal single degreaser

Microclean Plus

An advanced, highly water dilutable product for use in cleaning and degreasing a variety of non-porous surfaces found in ships and off-shore structures.

Ideal for use in engine rooms and ancillary equipment rooms, as a machine parts and filter cleaner, deck cleaner.

MicroClean Plus is a micro-emulsion formulation and combines bio-based surfactants with naturally occurring plant extracts. The result is a highly water dilutable cleaner that includes the benefits both of excellent detergency and the pseudo-solvent action.

The formulation is readily biodegradable and with an excellent environmental profile. It is also non-corrosive to skin and does not require assignment of a UN number.

The formulation also includes ingredients that actively reduce redisposition of oils. The micro-emulsion is effective immediately upon application.

When highly diluted (in bilge or in waste water) or after prolonged holding, the emulsion breaks and the oils split out cleanly without leaving an emulsion interface. Ideal single degreaser for engine rooms, filter disc and elements (manual or soak/sonicating bath), separators, car decks, general deck cleaning, fuel oil heater cleaning.

MicroClean Plus does not contain nor interfere with micro-organisms in the bilge and stored water tanks.

GNC Marine supplies Microclean Plus in concentrated packaging’s, easily diluted into existing or new application canisters.

4x5L : 80008-1

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